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Indigenous Landscape Design Consultant

Indigenous Landscaping Creating and Managing Urban Wildlife Habitat We are the experts at bringing nature back into your world

I design landscapes and gardens that are nature friendly as well as being pleasing to the eye.

I use my many years of landscape planning and design as well as landscape construction experience coupled to my vast knowledge of the requirements of nature to create habitat suitable for birds, butterflies and other creatures to live and breed in.

I always apply the basic principles of good landscape design to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that at the same time satisfies the living requirements of the target creatures that I would like to attract. My speciality is to attract birds, butterflies and solitary bees. I design and build Bio-Diverse Roof Gardens.

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Ecosystems Management Ltd

Turf Management award  

National Diploma in Parks and Recreation Administration

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Certificate in Turfgrass Management Cum Laude

Growsafe New Zealand Management of Agrichemicals

Approved Handler of Agrichemicals New Zealand

New Zealand residence

The Institute of Parks and Recreation Administration

Appointment as Lecturer Bulbs and Advanced Storage Organs

Appointment as Examiner National Examination Board Soil Science

Appointment as Examiner National Examination Board Conservation

Appointment as Lecturer Turf Management
Experience gained in Germany

Experience gained in New Zealand

Here are a few examples of projects undertaken in South Africa by Ecoman

Navigation page for a sample of projects undertaken

Ansteys Beach Dune Rehabilitation

Isipingo Beach Dune Rehabilitation

Environmental Management at Mount Edgecombe Estate

Transplanting of large trees

Fountain Hill Estate Landscaping on Farm

Create a Natural Habitat for endangered frog species

Landscape Design and implementation at Zimbali Golf Estate

Here are a few examples of projects undertaken in New Zealand by Ecoman

Re-Vegetation Research Project at Duck Creek Farm 1

Re-Vegetation Research Project at Duck Creek Farm 2

Re-Vegetation Research Project at Duck Creek Farm 3

Re-Vegetation Research Project at Duck Creek Farm 4

Bank stabilisation on Waiheke Island

Establishmnet of lawn at Wainoni Park
Constructive maintenance of sports facility Deep Creek

Erosion Control on very steep road cutting at Kaiwaka

Erosion Control on Pie Melon Farm Waiheke Island

Establishment of sports quality turf at Northshore Stadium

Establishmnet of lawn at Rosedale Park

Here are a few examples of projects since my return to South Africa by Ecoman

Environmental Rehabilitation at King Shaka
Internation Airport

Wetland Rehabilitation at Brettonwood Coastal Resort

Creating Climax Grassland Simbithi Eco-Estate
Green Roof Research Project

Bio-Diverse Green Roof Ixopo

Bio-Diverse Green Roof Sandpump Durban

Landscaping and the Creating of wildlife habitat in Ixopo

Green Roof Construction by Ecoman

Green Roofs

Green Roof Research Project

Green Roof Research Project Phase 2

Green Roof Research Project Phase 3

Waterproofing and Root Barrier

Construction of Green Roofs

Plants Suitable for use on Green Roofs

Green Roof Bontekai Wilhelmshaven Germany

Green Roof Research Project

Bio-Diverse Green Roof Ixopo

Bio-Diverse Green Roof Sandpump Durban

Green Roof Links

Some Suitable Plants for Extensive Green Roofs in South Africa by Ecoman

Aeollanthus parvifolius

Agapanthus praecox ssp. orientalis

Albuca setosa

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe maculata

Asparagus densiflorus

Bulbine natalensis

Crassula alba

Crassula expansa

Crasula multicava

Crassula ovata

Crassula pellucida

Crassula perfoliata var heterotricha

Crassula sarmentosa

Crassula obovata

Cyanotis speciosa

Cyrtanthus sanguineus

Delospermum lineare

Delospermum tradescantioides

Eulophia speciosa

Gladiolus dalenii

Gloriosa superba

Huernia histrix

Kalanchoe rotundifolia

Kalanchoe thrysiflora

Plectranthus spicatus

Portulacaria afra

Stapelia gigantea

Environmental Management

A selection of suitable plants that can be used and a selection of
birds and other wildlife that can be found in the typical Durban garden

My garden

My garden at Mt Moreland

Garden Plants

Other creatures

Ecoman Wildlife Videos

We at Ecoman manufacture and sell inductions stoves and cooker
We at Ecoman sell and install solar panels and wind turbines

Green Power

Solar PV Panels

Induction Geyser

Wind Power

Induction cooker

IH GTA 12 induction cooker

IH GTB 2 induction cooker

Other Projects

COP 17 Climate Change Conference Durban

Landscapes and Gardens that are Nature Friendly

Designing “Proudly South African” Bio-Diverse Indigenous Landscandscapes



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