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  Nature conservation begins at your own front door
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Nature Conservation Begins at Your Own Front Door

Nature conservation starts at your own front door so please do something to bring back nature into your own drab uninteresting garden full of unwanted invasive alien plants and turn it into a beautiful functional paradise for our local wildlife. Get started today  because it is your social and environmental responsibility to do so in particular at this time of rapid climate change.

The most urgent need in this community is to control and eradicate the large amounts of unwanted invasive alien vegetation that is growing on private properties in Mount Moreland here you can all show environmental and social responsibility and thereby make a very important contribution to the environment that we live in by introducing a phased eradication of the aliens plants on your own property and replace them with local plants as per the lists below.

Naturschutz beginnt vor der Haustür

Alien Plant removal and Rehabititation

Monkeys an Environmental disaster for the Mount Moreland Conservancy

Do not dump or burn your organic waste make compost

Trees suitable for planting in Mount Moreland

Attractive shrubs and ground covers that do well in Mount Moreland

Suitable grasses that do well in Mount Morealand

Plants that will bring birds into gardens in Mount Moreland

Plants that will bring butterflies into your garden

Dogs left unattended in public places

Erythrina humeana indigenous garden plant
  Erythrina humeana
Aloe pluridens indigenous garden plant
                             Aloe pluridens
Hibiscus calyphyllus indigenous garden plant
Hybiscus calyphyllus

Nest Boxes for Birds

The large numbers of hole nesting birds that visit Mount Moreland to feed have very little opportunity to find suitable holes in trees to breed in. You can make a considerable contribution to the breeding success of Black Tits, Grey Headed Sparrows, Black Bellied Starlings, Violet Backed Starlings, Cape Glossy Starlings, Crested Barbets in the area by providing nesting opportunities for them  by simply erecting a nest box on a suitable tree or pole

Below are four examples of bird nest boxes that have worked well attracting birds to breed in my own garden in Mount Moreland

nest violet backed starling in indigenous garden

A young Violet -Backed Starling Cinnyricinclus leucogaster also
known as the Plum-Coloured and Amethyst Starling
bird nest box in indigenous garden

Bird Nest Box presently occupied by Crested Barbets       

bird nest box in indigenous garden ecoman durban

Black Tits have bred in this box for the last four years now occupied by Tree Agama
Bird nest box in indigenous garden ecoman durban

Black bellied Starling have just reared a family of young in this nest box

The internal measurements should be 100mm x 100mm and 300 - 350 deep this makes it difficult for cats and monkeys to reach the young in the nest. The inside of the front panel should be rough sawn or saw marks made so as to allow the birds to easily get out again. The boxes are made of  pine of better still saligna wood 15-20mm thick. They can be waterproofed by painting them with linseed oil or painted with a colour that matches the tree they are to mounted on. Just take a photo or a piece of bark to your local paint supplier and they will match the colour for you.
I make two sizes of entrance hole 25mm for the smaller birds and 32mm for the larger. The Nestbox must be made so that the front can come off or hinge open for cleaning once per year during winter. The boxes shown in the photos are too large they are the sizes used in Europe where the birds need to line the nest with far more material. As the result of me having measured the internal dimensions of woodpeckers and barbets nests I now make them much narrower and a little deeper which the birds prefer.

This is not the  website of the Mount Moreland Conservancy it is my private initiative to improve the living conditions in Mount Morealand for both man and beast. All the views expressed on these pages are my own personal views

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