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  indigenous landscape design specialist consultant ecoman durban

Horticultural experience gained in Germany

From  September 1987 till the present


This publication had a major influence on my thinking towards urban nature conservation and the protection of the natural environment


 pond in flower
Natural pond planted exclusively to local aquatic plants and surrounds that I designed and built in the garden of the house where I lived in Wilhelmshaven, from where I conducted my horticultural business between December 2001 until November 2004

During my long and ongoing association with Germany I have gained considerable knowledge and experience in the following areas

  • Hydroculture
  • Ponds and wetlands
  • Floriculture and floristry
  • Environmental protection
  • Urban nature conservation
  • Management of cool season grasses
  • Green roof construction

  • The Horticultural Research Station Bad Zwischenahn Research into mainly Rhodedendrons, Conifers, Erica and Caluna as well as pot plants is undertaken in addition horticultural training takes place.


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    mein schöner garten

    In addition to the above I greatly increased my general horticultural knowledge and expertise of Gardening in Europe in particular in the field of temperate plants in particular bulbs.

    During this entire period up until today I have subscribed to the most read and respected German Gardening magazine mein schöner Garten Europe's biggest circulation gardening magazine from which I have learned a great deal about horticulture, landscaping and gardening in Germany.

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