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Mount Edgecombe Country Club Golf Estate

Another project that I worked on in close co-operation and consultation with Geoff Nichols the well known and respected environmental consultant and author. We acted as both consultants to the MECCE management committee as well as contractors to implement environmental management plans and recommendations. Our main area of involvement for MECCE was the management of the forest area as well as the ponds and wetlands in particular alien weed control. We also undertook many other smaller projects for MECCE such as the transplanting of a number of large trees to placing nesting boxes high in the trees for owls. In addition we produced a number of landscape designs and carried out their implementation for private property owners within the estate.

An aerial view of a part of stage two Mount Edgecombe Country Club Golf Estate
    landscaping, landscape design, alien weed removal, transplanting of large trees
Photo courtesy of Geoff Nichols

Clearing Eichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth) using a specially constructed work platform.
   eradication, control of alien aquatic weed Eichhornia crassipes dumat dam
Photo courtesy of Geoff Nichols

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