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Anstey's Beach Dune Regeneration Project

The Anstey's Beach project was the first of a number of projects undertaken by me over a period of a few years. In this project the entire dune seaward of the road over a length of about one kilometre was re-constructed in three phases extending the dune ever closer to the sea, eventually to it's original position at the high water mark. This project has been an outstanding success in that as well as re-creating the dune system I have achieved the goal of re-creating a functional and stable ecosystem that closely resembles the original in every respect.

The next three photographs show the state of the dunes at Ansteys Beach Durban before the project began
ansteys coastal dunes prior to re-habilitation

ansteys dunes prior to the vegetation being rehabilitated

Another photograph of the anstey beach coastal dunes prior to ecosystem rehabilitation began

The photograph below was taken after the first stage of the dune vegetation rehabilitation at Ansteys beach Durban had been completed

ansteys dunes after conpletion of phase one of the ecosystem rehabilitation

The aerial picture immediately below taken of the coastal dunes at Ansteys Beach Durban shows the effects of a severe drought on the dunes and the adjoining coastal vegetation a number of years later.

A photograph taken a few years after the comletion of dune rehabilitation following bad drought
The four photographs below show the rapid and total recovery of the coastal dune dune system at Ansteys beach Durban after the bad drought taken in March 2006 which is evidence of the success of the project 

anstey coastal dunes in March 2006 showing the success of the rehabilitation project

In the photo above one can clearly see the three fences showing the three phases of reconstructing the dunes back to their original seaward position at the high water mark

rampant growth on the coastal dunes at Ansteys beach following vegetation rehabilitation had taken place

Another photograph of the good vegetation growth on coastal dunes at Ansteys beach clearly showing the success of the project

ansterys 4
Chrysanthamoides monilifera and Ipomoea pre-caprae with far lesser amounts of Carpobrotus dimidiatus are the main constituents of this natural dune system that had at the time that this photograph was taken been established for about 15 years

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