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Harver CN30L Split Magnetic Induction Geyser

Harver split magnetic induction geyser

Harver CN30L split magnetic geyser this unit has 2kw of heating capacity

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Harver CN50L Split Magnetic Induction Geyser

harver 50L split magnetic induction geyser 50L

Harver CN50L split magnetic geyser this unit has 4kw of heating capacity

Harver CN75L Split Magnetic Induction Geyser

harver 50 L split magnetic induction geyser

Harver CN75L split magnetic geyser this unit has 4kw of heating capacity

induction heating geyser

Clip on Magnetic Power Generator Harver CN30L Split Magnetic Geyser

Harver Split magnetic water heating uses a breakthrough in Geyser Technology that has after extensive testing obtained SABS Test Compliance.
This technology utilizes a high frequency magnetic field to create high frequency electrical power within the Harver Split Magnetic Induction Geyser to maximize the heating process which delivers the same amount of hot water as a conventional Geyser in less time saving you electricity.
If you are looking to save space, save money, save energy and be more carbon neutral this is the Geyser of the Future.

The split magnetic water heater system consists of four parts
storage tank
internal receiving  unit
internal heating unit
clip-on magnetic power generating unit

Safety Features
SABS Test Compliance.
NRCS Certified 
Factory fitted Temperature / Pressure valve

Harver 30 Litre Split Magnetic water heater

Size 760 x 305 x 500
weight 12Kg

This unit has a Class 2 safety rating, the first of its kind in the word, primarily because there is no transfer of alternating current (AC) into the water or the holding tank. The geyser is fitted with a built in temperature - pressure valve to prevent rupture.  The unit includes a high density thermal insulation layer around the storage tank, which is made of stainless steel and magnesium for increased product life. The geyser draws between 2kw - 4kw of power depending on the size of the geyser.  

Electricity usage
To heat a conventional 150 lt geyser from 20 deg C to 65 deg C takes two and a half hours and uses 7.8kw of electricity.  In tests done using the 30 L unit to heat the same amount of water by means of the split magnetic water heater took approximately 1 hour and used approximately 2.5kw of electricity.  

Debugging some of the popularly propagated myths in regards to the method of operation of the Harver Split Magnetic Induction Geyser

Electrical energy from the 50 Hz electricity supply is converted into a high frequency magnetic field in the clip-on induction power generator. The high frequency magnetic field induces a high frequency electric current in an internal receiver coil which provides a high frequency, high energy electrical current to a specially designed electrical heating coil in the lower storage tank of the Harver Induction water heater that heats the water a lot faster and a lot more efficiently than a normal element in a conventional geyser.

The two main components of the split magnetic geyser design, the outside clip on magnetic power generator and the internal receiver coil of the geyser together make an isolation transformer so there is no direct electrical connection from the external electrical power supply to the internal heating element which makes it impossible for an electrical leakage to occur that could be transmitted along the plumbing. As there are no direct electrical connections to the water heating element or tank. This makes the Harver Induction geyser have a very high factor of safety in regards to electrical shock.

Isolation Transformer

If you do not believe what I have written about how the Harver split magnetic water heater operates then please take a Harver Split Magnetic water heater apart yourself and see how it works Thereafter you will believe me!

The two stainless steel storage tanks are encapsulated in a high thermal efficient foam layer which allow the minimum temperature loss thus again saving energy and thus electricity to replace the loss.

The unit has protection from dry burn, low/high voltage as well as over heat and over pressure protection.

The smaller water holding capacity made possible by the high rate of heating water that has been used greatly reduces the heat loss through the insulation layer. Even if all the heated water in the water heater has been drained out it heats up again in a fraction of the time of a conventional electric water heater making it possible for the next user to have hot water in a matter of minutes. The larger heaters that have double the heating capacity of the 30 litre model are extremely quick to heat water  the increase being in the region of 3 degrees Celsius per minute making it possible to shower continuously when using a water efficient shower nozzle

The water temperature is adjustable from 40 - 75 degrees Celsius in 5 degrees increments via the temperature setting button.

Two installation support brackets are attached to the back of the geyser. These brackets provide for simple and secure mounting using 2 sturdy expanding anchor bolts drilled into the wall.

The water heaters are fitted with a 1.5m wired power cable and a 15 AMP 3 pin plug which simply plugs into a standard wall socket per induction power generator.

The 30 and 50 litre Induction Geysers are designed for indoor use. If used outdoors the units must be protected from direct rain and sunlight.


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