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Exotic Landscape Design

I designed and planted this magnificent lush exotic garden mostly with tropical plants that I grew in my own nursery in about 1984. I started a comprehensive redesign of this spectacular garden  for my very dear friend and very passionate plant lover Ronnie in  2014

Only the very best plants have been used in this spectacular garden

exotic landscape design spectacular landscaping ecoman durban

On arrival at the spectacular exotic garden of my friend Ronnie one can aready see the high quality of maintenance by the lust green well kept lawn

selection of exotic bromeliads exotic landscaping

This photo of Ronnies spectacular garden was taken on the 11.02.17

exotic garden design

Here is another photo of Ronnies spectacular exotic garden taken on the 11.02.17

ronnie exotic landscaping croton

A magnificent and seldom encountered cultivar of croton Codiaeum variegatum from Singapore that I grew in my nursery

exotic landscape design ixora

Ixora coccinea cultivar Prince of Orange from Singapore was also grown in my nursery

exotic landscape design durban ixora

Turraea obtusifolia a local South African beauty taken in 2015

exotic african  beauty turraea obtusifilia

Here is another photo of the same Turraea obtusifolia taken on the 11.02.17

exotic landscape design allamanda flower

Allamanda cathartica

exotic landscape design anthurium ecoman durban

A spectacular pot of Anthurium andraeanum hybrids

exotic landscape design ecoman durrban

Mussaenda erythrophylla Cultivar Queen Sirikit

spectacular water feature ecoman durban

The tranquality of water, this water feature was manufactured by my brother Ian

exotic garden design ecoman durban pink croton

Pink Croton

ecoman durban exotic landscape design red croton

Red croton





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